Thursday, February 11, 2010

Instant Karma!

About three weeks ago I got a phone call from my Commander to ask if I would be interested in deploying to Afghanistan. An OMLT team from Minnesota was suddenly a man short, and in need of an officer to join the team to be the S1 (human resources) officer. This catch was that the team would be mobilizing the 1st of March, and if I accepted the position I would be needed to go to a two week S1 course in preparation for my new role. After having the opportunity to speak with the team commander I left the conversation feeling that I would be needed and wanted, and I would be help out the team and the people of Afghanistan. The biggest drawback to possibly accepting this position is that I would have to hang up my wings for a year, as this would be a non-flying position. With a bit of nervous excitement due to all the preparations I would have to accomplish in a short amount of time, I told my commander and the powers that be that I would join the team, and help.
In the mean time I had started working to earn my civilian fixed wing certified flight instructor rating. Having spent a considerable amount of money for the course I wanted to make sure to finish and pass before leaving for my deployment. After a fews off due to weather, and what seemed like the longest like the longest series of tests both for the oral and flight portion I passed my CFI check-ride on 3 February. Which was one night after passing my Army Annual Blackhawk check-ride. As you can imagine a stressful 24 hours. The attached picture is of me after landing and returning from my CFI check-ride. Pretty exciting accomplishment, and most likely the last time that I will fly any aircraft, helicopter or airplane, for the next year.
Now the last thing I need to worry about is my house. Similar to my last deployment, my house will be my biggest stress. For the last several months I have had it on the market, with no movement. In the last week I hired a property management firm to attempt to rent it out while I'm gone, as locking the doors and walking away from a house in North Minneapolis is not an option. Before I leave for my deployment I will need to pack everything into a storage building, I'm hoping that I'll be able to find some external help, with strong backs for moving all of my stuff.

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Oceanne said...

I can not believe that you are returning to theatre. My lil sister from Iowa will be joing you. Her name is Kalie. She is a friend of mine on facebook. Check her out. I got admitted into the Naval Reserves last June. Still waiting for scroll. I can not wait to sail the world again. I miss those days. I got my CPL. I am going to TX for multi. COngrats on Instructor. That is great!

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