Thursday, March 11, 2010

pics of me and stan

Here are some pictures of me and "Flat Stanley". My nephew Alek had a class project in his 1st grade class to take some pictures of where Flat Stanley had been. Alek sent his Stan to me, and asked that I take some picture of him. I got a couple pictures of Stanley helping me move out of my house prior to my deployment. Most exciting though was that I was able to take Flat Stanley along on my last flight in a Blackhawk prior to beginning my deployment. I could not have asked for a much nicer day to go flying, and Flat Stanley helped me and my co-pilot Mr. Moenck on our flight. I have since mailed Flat Stanley back to my nephew in Idaho, I am anxious to hear if any of the other Stanley's from his class were able to go up for a flight in a helicopter.

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