Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Name Ain't Baby, it's "Marc", "Mr. Rassler" if your Nasty.

Very early Monday morning my team and I drove to Houston International Airport without very high hopes that we would be able to fully complete our journey to Germany. After about a couple hours of driving someone in our gang with a new 'smart' phone was able to look up and determine that our flight to Germany had been canceled. We tried making some phone calls back to Fort Polk to see if we could turn the bus around, as it wasn't worth continuing the trip. Their answer was to continue to the airport, as part of the flight was still showing as good. After a couple more hours of driving we finally made it to the airport, and I walked in and talked to the gate agent. Her polite response, was I don't know why you guys wasted your time driving here as we would have never boarded you in Houston only to have you stuck in Newark. So we made the four hour drive back to Fort Polk, and began the waiting game for our next flight. At this point, because of the back-up caused by the giant ash cloud over Europe, it looks like it might be a week spent waiting here at Ft Polk.

Because we have graduated, and have no duties or tasks to complete we have been doing a bit of sitting around. Yesterday I went to the gym twice, and did a long session today. Forecast for the rest of the week, more gym time. It's probably best that I've been spending a lot of time in the gym, in order to help keep it clean. Yesterday I noticed some mice running around, so I rolled up my sleeves and let my pythons out of their cages, and choked the mice!

In order to make it seem like we are actually doing some Army training while we are sitting around, yesterday and today we practiced doing close quarters building and room clearing. We have also been doing trying some styles of self defense for some of the new modern weapons that the enemy might posses. The video below is a good example of the training we have been doing.

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