Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thanks Soldier's Angels, and other military supporters

When I first go in country I saw a box or a piece of paper with the website for Soldier's Angels on it. I went to the web-site to check it out, as I thought I would might be able to get a care package or something.

Recently though I have been overwhelmed with the outpouring of kindness and support from various American Families. Thus far I have gotten over five care packages that I've shared with my fellow soldiers. A couple from a family in California, three from different civic organizations from a small town in Michigan. I've gotten a couple cards over the past few weeks from random families, and have usually sent them a post card to write and say thanks. This past week though I have just been overwhelmed with the number of letters that I have suddenly received in the mail. So many so that I may not have time to properly send them a card in the mail to send thank you, as I have been busy recently with work.

When I was in Iraq when I would receive random 'support' letters or packages, they were generally from retired families who wanted to support the troops. A majority of the letters I have received have been from retired families, however much to my surprise some younger folks have also sent me some letters.

Since I've been here in Afghanistan, I've also receive a care package from a family in Georgia which sent me several packages when I was Iraq.

Another nice surprise was that today I received a letter from the Governor of the State of Minnesota Tim Pawlenty.

If I am unable to send a proper thank you card or email to all the folks that have sent me letters or packages, and they should happen upon my blog, I hope via the web that I express a small bit of gratitude for all the kindness. It is hard to find the words to properly say thanks for all the acts of kindness that many different random families have shown me. Heck I've sent many different post cards to my friends and family, and I can barely get any of them to send a card or email in return.

None-the-less, I again just want to say thanks for all the support that different families have shown me and my fellow soldiers during our deployment.


Kathi said...

From a Soldiers Angel member...Thank YOU, for your service to our country, and for your kind words for our organization!

Diane said...

From another Soldiers' Angel who received your very welcomed postcard today, it is my pleasure.
For all you are,
For all you do,
For your sacrifices,
For your bravery,
for your dedication,
and for this wonderful blog,
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!