Saturday, September 04, 2010

Shout out to the folks back home, and the Vikings

A couple weeks ago I came up with the idea for this video. I wrote the script for it, and with the help of the PAO on Camp Mike Spann we shot it this past week. I thought that it would be cool to send a Go Vikes message from Afghanistan during their first game of the season. If you see it played during one of the commercial time outs during the season opener, or for that matter any Vikings game please let us know. The public affairs folks did all of the work putting it together, and publishing it. We were just the pretty faces in front of the camera. Unfortunately one of our guys, Joe Christenson, is home on leave and wasn't able to be in the video

For those that have never been to a Vikings game before, the cheer we yell at the end of the video is Skol Vikes!

I hope that everyone enjoys, what I hope is a sneek preview video, and is able to see us during a televised Vikings game.


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Bag Blog said...

Pretty faces indeed! I'm sure the Vikings will appreciate the video.