Friday, August 06, 2010

Oh What To Do?

This week I received an interesting surprise when I found out that my blog had been linked to and highlighted on a website called, a website that was completely new to me. Almost overnight I had a 100 fold increase of possible readership to my blog. Sometime ago I read that the average blog, has a readership of '1'. Which is about the readership that I had been expecting when I began writing my blog and keeping track of my deployment. However I would advertise my blog, by attaching the address to my blog when I would send emails to friends so I was receiving some occasional views and feedback. Plus it allowed me a way to post occasional pictures during my deployment, and allow for widest distribution. Mostly though I wanted to use this blog as a way to keep a journal of my thoughts, and adventures during my deployment. During my past deployments I tried to write a daily journal however I was only able to write for a month or so before I became bored. Mostly because, I found myself writing about the same thing ever day, as is often the case during deployment the days turn into Groundhogs Day. With a online journal I figured I could post about some of the more interesting thoughts and observations. One of the issues though with an open forum online blog is that there are several times in which I would like to write about my opinion about various situations, but I must always be aware that what I write about can also affect my career in the military. While I may have the freedom to write what I want, I am not free from the responsibility of what I write.
This week, for me at least, has been a refreshingly boring week. Almost all the rest of my team has been outside the wire on mission and I was one of the few to stay behind and monitor our Kandak. A couple of days several members of the Kandak that I would have worked with were also absent, so a couple days I only ended up spending 10 minutes in the Kandak area before walking back to my office. As I would not have been able to accomplish anything meaningful on those days.
One thing that was special was yesterday, 5 August, was the 15th anniversary of Croatian Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving day. Which celebrates the Croatian Independence fought for during their homeland war. Many of the Croatians that I am stationed with fought in the Croatian homeland war, so it often interesting to think about that several of my friends essentially fought in a Civil War less than a generation ago. The beauty of being stationed with Croatians, is that they love any opportunity for a barbecue and cook out. Thus far we have been able to enjoy with our Croatian brothers a cook out for every Croatian holiday, and surprisingly US holiday since our team arrived.
One problem though with the increased readers of my blog is what should I write about? There are several topics that I have been considering writing about that may make me look like nothing more than a scruffy headed nerf herder. Hopefully any folks who might happen upon my blog won't mind reading some of the random thoughts of a guy occasionally bored while deployed to Afghanistan.


Bag Blog said...

I would be interested in knowing what a "sruffy headed nerf herder" does exactly. So far your blog is interesting - people love to hear about day-to-day happenings in a soldier's life and the photos are great. Blogging is for you - a way to sound off or journal. But I think if you interact with your readers, you will develop some fun relationships with people who are interested in your life. The more you interact, the more people will follow you, but don't feel obligated to do so.

David Stanford said...

Greetings! I found you via the post you mention. I am the editor of a milblog called's The Sandbox ( and I'd like to correspond with you about posting some of your work on our site. When you have a chance, would you please send me an email?
Thanks, and all the best,
David Stanford, Duty Officer
Doonesbury Town Hall